Multi-Purpose Gloves

Omni International has a full line of gloves for all of your non-medical needs from our most economical and utilitarian polyethylene glove to our powdered and powder free vinyl gloves. Our multi purpose polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gloves are DINP/DOP/DEHP FREE and have easy donning characteristics, when a thicker glove is warranted. In addition, we also have a flock lined latex glove which is ideal for all cleaning jobs from small to big! For leading edge quality gloves for general purpose, automotive, hair salon and other non-food service use, Omni gloves let you reach with confidence.

Omni International works with select customers for their Multi-Purpose glove needs in container quantities. We are prepared to supply these gloves in either Omni or Private Labels. Available Multi-Purpose glove products are made of Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl and Polypropylene. For more information on our Multi-Purpose glove offering, we ask that you contact our offices and ask for Ron Fleitz for further information.


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